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Victor Hugo

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Personal Demons

Image above from Lisa Desrochers' blog.




I seriously can't decide. And after reading the conflict and resolution, I'll bet money that you won't be able to decide either. LOL

I just finished reading an incredible book entitled Personal Demons by Lisa Desrochers and it's still buzzing around in my brain so I thought what better way to get it out of my system than by blogging about it? I mean, truthfully, my blog was starting to collect cobwebs and I figured that it was time to do a little cleaning and fill it with something that might be worth reading.

First of all, I was completely blown away by the characters. I haven't been so engrossed in a book like this in months, maybe longer. Sure, I've read some of the books that are mainstream popular right now (I'll leave titles out just for the sake of my not wanting to start arguments), but it usually takes me a while because of my busy schedule. But not this book.

Personal Demons went everywhere with me. In my purse. To work. To my parents' house. To the children's birthday party that I went to for my niece. I couldn't put it down and when I did put it down, I couldn't stop thinking about it. It was constantly on the brain, my heart breaking for both Luc and Gabe the entire book. And totally getting where Frannie is coming from.

I loved the little references that the author used with the different smells and of course, the music references were golden.

And Lucifer Cain? Coolest fucking name evar. Nuff said. Everyone should go read this book. Like. Right. Now. It needs more buzz so that more people will read it and maybe, just maybe I'll get to see Luc and Gabe on the big screen someday, breaking hearts everywhere as they so rightly do in the book.

Go check out the book and go check out the author's blog here for more info on the books in the series (the sequel is coming out Summer 2011) plus links to "interviews" with the characters (which are hilarious, by the way).

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