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Victor Hugo

Friday, April 24, 2009

One Before Bed...

Ok, I retract any bad thoughts I've ever had about this guy... or the fact that I had the audacity to compare Alex Meraz to him... He's such a beautiful piece of work, isn't he? <3 Photos courtesy of Lainey Gossip

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just a short post before bed... =)

Just a little doodle I did of my favorite alpha... nitey nite! =)

detailed pic can be found here

And here's the new wolf pack pic courtesy of Twilighter's Anonymous... completely drool-worthy ;)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

More on Chaske Spencer...

Ok, so some of my friends and fellow Twilighters may chastise me or even violently throw things at me, but I'm sorry guys... I've officially moved on to the werewolves... (thanks for not leaving nasty comments btw lol...) One of the only reasons why? Please see below...

Chaske Spencer out and about in Vancouver

Chaske Spencer and Bronson Pelletier

Even this picture's completely adorable...

I admit, I was a little doubtful at first, but it didn't take long for me to completely warm up to him... so now, as I'm finishing up chapters for the Sam/Emily/Leah fanfic, I have a nice vivid picture of who Sam Uley is supposed to be, instead of seeing Solomon Trimble's face (which I never completely agreed with anyway...). Have I said bleh to the whole "Solomon Trimble as Sam" yet? No? Ok, bleh...

I mean, don't get me wrong, I was already kind of a fan of Chaske's before this whole New Moon thing happened to him, but seeing recent pics have definitely changed the way I see him in his previous work. He just looks so... what's the right word I'm trying to find?... older? distinguished? I don't know... but whatever it is, it's definitely working. I have to stop myself sometimes because I tend to ramble uselessly like a little girl with a school girl crush when his name is mentioned anywhere in my near vicinity... well, I guess everyone needs their fix, right? Except that most people are still hung up on the vamps (helloooo, RPattz... lol), but they should really get that wake up call (and maybe a good kick in the pants? I don't know... lol) and move on over on this side of the treaty. Hopefully we'll see some more C.Spencer-goodness and a little less RPattz in the near future... =) (ok, I know that's kind of a long shot, but can't blame a girl for trying...)

Photos courtesy of Lainey Gossip and Twilighters Anonymous

Friday, April 17, 2009

Columbine: The REAL Story???

So after 10 years, the truth finally comes out... check out the link below to read the full article from USA Today:

Click here

Apparently everything that was made to look like fact when the shootings were being investigated was not what they were being portrayed to be. It's now being said that the shooters weren't victims who were good kids retaliating for all the bad things and bullying they went through, but actually both just severely disturbed people. I like how society first decided to place the blame elsewhere for the way the shooters took their anger out on the public (insert sarcasm here)... I'm mean, really, why couldn't they have completely shouldered the blame in the first place?

Sure, they may have been teased and ridiculed... there are a lot of kids that go through that phase and not all of them have some kind of psychotic break and decide that they were going to just start shooting people up because of a "me against the world" mentality. It was also said that Eric Harris, the more dominant of the two, was a bona fide psychopath who suffered from extreme psychological and emotional distress. Oh, and he was a good liar. I suppose that's a good enough excuse as to why no one saw what was coming.

Now "experts" are saying Harris, as demented and disturbed as he was, had the potential to be another Timothy McVeigh had he waited a few more years and actually perfected his skill at making bombs... what the hell... the minds of children in current society are already thinking domestic terrorism... what is the world coming to and why isn't anyone doing anything about it???

Friday, April 10, 2009

Okay, so Chaske Spencer is really starting to grow on me...

I found this great link to www.nativevue.org from like March 2007 and they had interviewed Chaske Spencer, who as everybody knows, has been cast as Sam Uley :sigh: for the Twilight Saga's New Moon movie. See link below:


I'm glad that they had recast the role of Sam because, honestly, I couldn't really see Solomon Trimble play Sam in such a pivotal role. He's the Alpha, for god sakes! Anyhoo, I'm just glad that they had cast such an awesome actor (Solomon was a little flat in "Twilight") and he's lemony delicious too (down, smutty thoughts, down!)!

Sorry, couldn't help myself... LOL

Disclaimer: I do not own the photo above.
Courtesy of www.cullenboysanonymous.blogspot.com and www.laineygossip.com

Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Moon and Fan Fic - Sam Uley

This was the only "decent" picture I had seen of Chaske until today and, truthfully, it really wasn't doing anything for me because of the pictures directly below... (does alex meraz ever wear a shirt???)

So looking at the collage of photos of Alex Meraz have repeatedly caused me to say "Chaske-who?", but alas a winner is found below...

He kinda grows on you, doesn't he? He may just bring Sam Uley to life in my mind after all... =)

and another one for the road...

Disclaimer: I do not own the photos above - again they are only borrowed to appease my smutty, smutty thoughts and for fan fic inspiration purposes

Vancouver Photos courtesy of www.laineygossip.com (more yummy pics at aforementioned website) and owned by Punk D Images
Chaske/Alex Photo Merge courtesy of www.twilightsagamovies.co.uk
Alex Collage courtesy of www.newmoonmovie.org

MMM... new pics of Rob - Dossier

Photo By: Theo Wenner
Courtesy of www.MTV.com and www.thehollywoodgossip.com
Disclaimer: I do not own photos above. I am merely borrowing them to appease my smutty thoughts... >;)

So does anyone besides me get a really "lemony" feeling when they look at these photos? I think I might have to come back to Team Edward... well, I think I'm hanging by a thread b/c there is a seriously intoxicating, tantalizing pull from the werewolves' side... :sigh: ok, enough with the smutty thoughts...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

One for the Road Before Bed! :sigh:

These guys would definitely give the vamps a run for their money! :double sigh:
Disclaimer: I do not own the photo above. Courtesy of http://socialitelife.celebuzz.com

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fanfic again... Just can't get enough of it!


There are so many fan fiction websites that are completely dedicated to the Twilight series, but none that have as many well-written ones as Twilighted.net. I just can't seem to get enough of all things Twilight and it seems that with the slew of movies coming out and the abundance of fan fiction available for the overly-obsessed fanbase, my own personal obsession might just be starting. (Ok, for those who know me, I know that this might be a tad hard to believe...)

Take for instance, the story in the above link. It isn't about the usual main characters that everyone and their mother's mother is obsessed with, but is actually about two barely recognizable characters from the series that have now come to life through an amazing storyteller. (Major kudos to Rosybud for writing the heartwrenchingly sweet story in the aformentioned link above!)

The story begins eleven years after Breaking Dawn ends and I doubt that Stephenie Meyer and all her Twilight goodness could have made a better version. I was amazed at the detail and sincerity that flowed from the two characters featured and was not at all surprised that I can clearly picture them in my mind as though they were part of the initial series all along. Let me tell you, Quil Ateara has never looked better! At the end of each update, I find myself wondering "Edward and Bella-who?". And that's saying a lot considering my obsession with the original series. So for those who've found the time to stop by, take a minute to read Quil and Claire's journey and I promise you won't be disappointed! =)

Just in case you guys were wondering who was cast as Quil for New Moon. In theatres November 20, 2009!!! whoo hoo!!! =D
Disclaimer: I do not own the photo above. Courtesy of http://dazzledbyedward.com