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Victor Hugo

Friday, July 8, 2011

Fun Friday: Harry Potter

For all of you who talk to me or follow me on Twitter, it's no surprise that I'm a complete and utter pile of fangirl mush when it comes to Harry Potter. The kick-off of the 8th and final installment of the movie franchise yesterday sent me into a complete frenzy and in turn, prompted me to not only peruse through the books for the umpteenth time, but to also re-watch part one of the Deathly Hallows (which I have on DVD and BluRay *SCORE*).

You'll probably even see a few Writing Wednesday posts in the future that touch on or are influenced by the frawesomesauceness that is J.K. Rowling and the unforgettable world that she's built.

I was literally in tears yesterday as I watched the cast make their rounds and talk to the press during the live premiere in London yesterday afternoon during #harrypotterlive. For a recap of the events, you can view the videos here.

I've never encountered a series that has brought so much to the lives of so many around the world. The fight between good and evil, as well as the strength of friendship, loyalty, and love, have never been tested in such a way that has reached out to fans of all ages. I've grown up to Harry Potter (okay, it really took up most of my 20's, but seriously...isn't that usually when we all grow up anyway? LOL) and now that the series has come to its official end with the final film, it does kind of tug at the ol' heartstrings a bit. I could probably go on and on with this post because there's just so much more I'd like to say, but if you've been following the books and the movies and everything in between, I'll bet that you already know how I feel without my having to say it. So I leave you with the trailer for the 8th and final film...

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part Two

Are you a fan of the series? What were some of your favorite moments in the books/movies?

And today's JGL moment... *dies*


  1. I've only known you through the interwebs for like a month or two, and I already know we're going to get on SWIMMINGLY next Friday! :D I am SO EXCITED to be doing a midnight showing with awesome friends for the last installment.

    I haven't watched the Potter Live stuff because I think I will lose it. Haha.

    Like you, I "grew up" with the series. I think it was high school when I read the first one, and I think Book 3 or 4 was just out. My favorite book and movie is the 3rd. I just <3 the Marauders! :)

  2. This response just made me *squee*. LOL I AM SO EXCITED FOR THE MIDNIGHT SHOWING NEXT WEEK!!! *stops yelling all excited like* I totally DID lose it when I watched the #harrypotterlive stuff. Especially when JKR got up on the stage to address the whole phenomena. *sobs*

    My fave book is the last one because it ties everything in, but second to that is the 3rd book because of the Marauders! *fangirls* Also, the 3rd book was when my love affair with Sirius Black started. *nods and swoons*


    (but hey, where's the JGL picture? XD)

  4. *coughs* Um, it's THERE. *points* See?! There! Look!! *points again* I made it EXTRA pretty for forgetting it today. LOL

    I'm planning on bringing a box of travel size Kleenex when I see it next week! *anticipates lots of puffy faced sobbing* OMG.

  5. I couldn't do anything yesterday that didn't involve Harry or the premiere! Emma, Rupert, and then Jo totally had me crying. Can't wait to see the film.

    I'm so glad she announced Pottermore now because it will give all us fans something to look forward to. And did you hear that she announced she has written books, as in plural, and now has to decide which one to publish next?!?

  6. OMG I hadn't heard! *dies* You'll keep us all updated right? And yes, my "look! puppy!" syndrome had me at full force yesterday. Except, it was more like "look! Harry Potter!" LOL

    *is TOTALLY stoked for Pottermore!!*

  7. Dammit Krispy, again? What do you like, first thing at work go comment on blogs?

    Anyway, here's my actual comment - HAHAHA is that a mo-cap shot of the hottie? It's just weird...

  8. I'll be Tweeting & blogging every detail I get! Probably driving some people crazy. But with a blog/Twit name like HarryPotter for Writers, they have been warned! :-)