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Victor Hugo

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fanfic again... Just can't get enough of it!


There are so many fan fiction websites that are completely dedicated to the Twilight series, but none that have as many well-written ones as Twilighted.net. I just can't seem to get enough of all things Twilight and it seems that with the slew of movies coming out and the abundance of fan fiction available for the overly-obsessed fanbase, my own personal obsession might just be starting. (Ok, for those who know me, I know that this might be a tad hard to believe...)

Take for instance, the story in the above link. It isn't about the usual main characters that everyone and their mother's mother is obsessed with, but is actually about two barely recognizable characters from the series that have now come to life through an amazing storyteller. (Major kudos to Rosybud for writing the heartwrenchingly sweet story in the aformentioned link above!)

The story begins eleven years after Breaking Dawn ends and I doubt that Stephenie Meyer and all her Twilight goodness could have made a better version. I was amazed at the detail and sincerity that flowed from the two characters featured and was not at all surprised that I can clearly picture them in my mind as though they were part of the initial series all along. Let me tell you, Quil Ateara has never looked better! At the end of each update, I find myself wondering "Edward and Bella-who?". And that's saying a lot considering my obsession with the original series. So for those who've found the time to stop by, take a minute to read Quil and Claire's journey and I promise you won't be disappointed! =)

Just in case you guys were wondering who was cast as Quil for New Moon. In theatres November 20, 2009!!! whoo hoo!!! =D
Disclaimer: I do not own the photo above. Courtesy of http://dazzledbyedward.com

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