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Victor Hugo

Friday, April 17, 2009

Columbine: The REAL Story???

So after 10 years, the truth finally comes out... check out the link below to read the full article from USA Today:

Click here

Apparently everything that was made to look like fact when the shootings were being investigated was not what they were being portrayed to be. It's now being said that the shooters weren't victims who were good kids retaliating for all the bad things and bullying they went through, but actually both just severely disturbed people. I like how society first decided to place the blame elsewhere for the way the shooters took their anger out on the public (insert sarcasm here)... I'm mean, really, why couldn't they have completely shouldered the blame in the first place?

Sure, they may have been teased and ridiculed... there are a lot of kids that go through that phase and not all of them have some kind of psychotic break and decide that they were going to just start shooting people up because of a "me against the world" mentality. It was also said that Eric Harris, the more dominant of the two, was a bona fide psychopath who suffered from extreme psychological and emotional distress. Oh, and he was a good liar. I suppose that's a good enough excuse as to why no one saw what was coming.

Now "experts" are saying Harris, as demented and disturbed as he was, had the potential to be another Timothy McVeigh had he waited a few more years and actually perfected his skill at making bombs... what the hell... the minds of children in current society are already thinking domestic terrorism... what is the world coming to and why isn't anyone doing anything about it???

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