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There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

Maya Angelou

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.

Victor Hugo

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

V is for Vortex of Suckery

Ahhh...one of my favorite posts of ALL time. Have you ever felt that overwhelming need to just run your WIP through the shredder? Has the recycle bin on your computer never looked so enticing? Have you fallen through a slump that made you wonder "Why the hell am I still writing?"? I've gone through these emotions and more.

Welcome to my vortex of suckery.

This is the place that I go to in order to properly curl up into a mental fetal position as I run through the many things that make me question myself as a writer. LOL It's where I hash over ideas of current and previous WIPs and then proceed to find the holes in them so that they're completely invalid to the story I'm trying to create. I would even go as far as saying it's a deep pit of despair filled with writer's block and that overwhelming fear that I'll never finish because who could possibly want to read the story that's bursting to get out of me? But I won't say that because, really...isn't that just a tad bit melodramatic? *exaggerated hand flourish*

So anyway...back to the vortex...

I was literally stuck with a chapter that I had been working on...am still working on, actually...because I couldn't figure out how to propel the story forward with the ideas that I had. So what did I do? I attacked the ideas. *makes the sorry face to all my ideas*

How did I get out of this slump? Not without help, I can tell you that much. Have I already said how frawesomesauce my CPs are? No? Well they are. And the existence of the vortex of suckery has highlighted the extent of their frawesomesauceness. Chapter 9 is now well under way because of the cheerleading and idea bouncing. *throws confetti in the vortex of suckery's face*

And no...that is not me... LOL But I do wish I had some of that confetti. *nods*

Have you ever encountered writing slumps and how did you get out of them?


  1. I forbid this talk of suckery. FORBID. You have not succumbed to a vortex and your writing does not drip suckery.

    *sits down with my guitar* *sings We Shall Overcome*

  2. This is why I fLOVE you, C... *sings with you* Shall we throw in Kumbaya too? *halo* You are frawesomesauceness with a side of brilliant. *would like to steal your brains because it is comfy and made of win* #WINNING <3

  3. THE VORTEX OF SUCKERY CAN SUCK IT. That's right, I said it.


  4. It IS sucking it! I have about 3-5 pages left to write because I took a chunk out that didn't fit. LOL *wants to give you purtyful things sans suckery*

    It WILL be done tonight! *tries really hard to believe this*

    In other news...I haz Ch 10 outlined... *tiny squee*

  5. Ooooh OUTLINED! Small steps, Ani, small steps! YAY! I will continue to watch my inbox LIKE A HAWK.

  6. *shifty eyes at Lori* Yes...inbox...stat...

    And aren't you proud? I am on my way to becoming, as my friend Corinne would say, a plantser. One step up from a pantser and one step below a plotter... *dances in small steps*

  7. hahaha! Welcome to the dark side. Cheers for plantsers! *hands out pints of guinness*

  8. I can only suggest putting aside the writing and doing something else like watching a movie -- an unrelated one to your writing, no "homework".

    The trick is to give yourself permission to not stress out over the writing, then you'll feel fresh about it again, maybe even 24hrs later.


  9. @Corinne *takes the guinness and cheers just 'cause we get beer*

    @Marcus Stepping away has helped at times, but this vortex of suckery that I was talking about is more like a life devoid of writing type of slump. Literally took hours of idea bouncing to get out of it. LOL I'm pretty lucky that my CPs still like me after all of that! Haha!

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  11. Welcome and thanks for following! :D

  12. Hopped on over from Sophia's blog, hi! :)

    I definitely know about the vortex of suck. To get over it, I usually throw myself a mini-pity party (which may or may not include vegging out and snacking on candy) and then I shake it off and try to push forward. Of course, crying to friends helps too.

  13. LOL Oh yeah...I haz a pantry full of chocolate and chippy things. And I don't know that it was crying to friends so much as it was complaining and pulling hair out. Bahahahah!