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There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

Maya Angelou

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.

Victor Hugo

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Y is for YouTube

Okay, this post isn't as original because I really didn't know what to post for the letter Y, but my blogging/twitter gal-boyfriend 'Dy posted it on this and I thought, "Oh yeahhhhhhhhh...". So here ya go. LOL *thanks 'Dy for her idea*

YouTube is a great resource for finding virtually anything about anything. If it's made news, you can find some form of it there. Missed a performance from an awards show? Also there. Jonesin' for funnies? I guarantee you'll find something that'll bring tears of laughter. Want to browse movie trailers? *points to YouTube and nods*

I generally watch a whole bunch of things on there, but I came across something yesterday that made me bounce in my seat because I was THAT. EXCITED.

Without further ado, the movie trailer for PRIEST:

And the animated prologue... *dies*

I am salivating as I rewatch this. #truestory

Have you ever used YouTube and what do you guys normally watch?


  1. I watch "fan" video's on books or TV shows. I am a sucker for those. Oh ya and gaming videos...a lot of those!!

  2. Oh yeah, gaming vids! When the trailers for FFXIII and KHIII came out, I practically ran over to YouTube. LOL Also, since there's so much storyline from both of those games, I like to browse for clips of the cut scenes. *is a cheater* LOL

  3. ZOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ready for PRIEST now.... hurry movie studio people! hurry!

    oh, and I use youtube to watch guitar gear demos. I probably spend waaaaay too much time "researching" new amps and guitar pedals... *sigh

  4. i was gonna be like O_O what are the odds that you and Wendy both chose the same Y topic! LOL

    I love YouTube. Most recently, I was having a sewing machine crisis (I know not what I do) and it showed me how to re-thread the little bobbin. HA!

  5. I love that we all have girl-boyfriends now :D

  6. @Mason ZOMG!!!!!!!! is RIGHT! *dies*wipes drool from watching the trailer again*

    @C I totally saw her post it on the tweeters and um... *yoinks the topic* But I totes gave her credit. Bahahaha!

    @Soph I know! All thanks to my original gal-boyfriend. *points to you and throws pink confetti* <3